Twinity stills from the New Berlin and Lubins in Morecombe

Next week I will be in Lancaster and away from Twinity most of the time. Though the Boland Forest is quite similar to the hills behind my beach which somehow Twinity has arranged near Northampton. sometimes I wonder where they get the map info and why it is so expensive. If it is.

Anyway back on topic. My colleague Linda is still based in Morecombe and has photos on the wall of the InfoLab 21 where tech visions may start, a tree near the Management School where implications are evaluated, and a sofa at home where tech may be accepted in society. So conversation could be here if you find Lubins on Twinity.

I think Twinity has started to do a sort of pastiche of cities that gets round any copyright issues for the map info. Berlin has got an arch and then the hills are quite close. I started in the Twinity Berlin before the other cities were built. Somehow being able to walk between the Sony Centre and Humboldt suggested to me that academics could relate well to consumer electronics. As a space for discussion it worked ok, even if you have to copy stills to Facebook to explain it. So this new Berlin might expand a bit.

If they get to a canal it could double up for the Grand Union. We just need sets to get started.