Outline notes on Design Science

I am going to start talking about Design Science on the Wild Show this Thursday. This could relate to other discussions but we do a lot of music as well as talk. So it will be more of a comment or link. Later in Feb, 21st and 22nd, I will do the whole two hours, not just the first 30 minutes and filling in when I get the chance. So this is mostly for Chris and JD and as a reminder.

I still like the idea of a Design Science DJ, a way to put clips together. On YouTube this starts with Collaboration -

design science comes out of computer interface design. We need to find some clips from this. An hour and a half is too long for YouTube and most of our show.

John Burgoyne refers to design science as part of his take on a more scientific approach to leadership. Look for the topic on the #mtw3 group on LinkedIn

Antony Upward is working with others on strongly sustainable models for organisation. Design Science is part of this but the sustainability aims are the emphasis in this blog post

Diana Laurillard has published a recent book - Teaching As A Design Science

The #mtw3 discussion links to the Work Foundation and academic publishing. This may become part of social media so that analytics will be essential. The ideas on Collaboration in the video above will turn up again.