Quick notes re Learning Technologies and BETT #oldsmooc

Quick notes re Learning Technologies and BETT

This is from an internet access basement in Dalston, between the two stations. More at the weekend when back at my desktop. There may be another post tomorrow. The overground circle line is real. One way to Olympia today, should get to ExCel tomorrow.

The advance info on Negroponte keynote


The tweet from Stephen Heppell

stephen heppell @stephenheppell

Negroponte @#LT13UK "I heard things your education minister is saying that are so outrageous I almost didn't want to come to London!"

I may have missed it but I think it was quite late that it became clear Michael Gove would not be at BETT this year. Vince Cable may have been at short notice. If I'm wrong about this, please add a comment. My guess is that the promised freedom to bring your own ideas on what to learn / teach re mobile devices / ICT would not have survived many follow up questions.

"Part of that is technology change; e-learning up 25 per cent a year, and there has been the emergence of MOOCs (massive open online courses). That is an organisational and technical challenge," he said.

How will Cable views play with people in education? He may be at the wrong show. Olympia might have been a more BIS friendly environment.


Meanwhile Computer Science makes it as a proper A level


but probably it is still an open question if mobile phones should be banned at school.

BETT tomorrow if I can find the way through Shadwell.