Printweek still moving online but Haymarket bans "routine" Facebook

As far as I know there is still very little coverage of the Printweek redesign that marks a distinct move online. Search on Google blogsearch finds me and me linking to me from another blog. The print journalists on Observer business pages or Guardian Media have not mentioned this so far.

Edition two of the new look print version has now arrived. Still looks fairly thick but no Jo's Helpline and "Seven Days in Print" is very brief items with links to the website.

Maybe the news is not reported because of the balancing items. There is limited enthusiasm in a briefing on social networking, seen as "all the rage for the under-30s" but unproven viability for B2B. Jo Francis mentions one reason marketing through Facebook might fail - that "plenty of companies, Printweek's publisher included, do not routinely allow staff to access Facebook on their work computers."

There is no link to the blog on Printweek website. And no mention in print of the Twitter feed (presumably also banned at Haymarket except for the person who sends out Tweets)

This Posterous site is set up so that each blog post starts as email and sends the subject as a tweet, Facebook update. The Printweek blogs could do something similar. Only Jo Francis seems to be posting at the moment. What is the current Matt Whipp take on video?

The briefing mentions LinkedIn and is a bit more polite. The IPEX pages include a topic around B2B publishing but I cannot find this at the moment. May turn up in an archive later. So i have started a new topic meanwhile

more later