Virtual Dance Venues, moving ahead with 2008 #animatedexeter #xtreamlab

The elements of Will's Wonderful World of Digital Music Video are now falling into place.

Official promo on YouTube from Exeter City Council. there is nothing left for a blogger to rave on about.

So time to go back to the marginal elements that have not yet been fully considered.

 In 2008 there was a VJ event in Bristol and in Second Life. On screens at Trinity Church. and recorded for YouTube etc. I know there is similar content from Twinity where I have spent more time as I like the connection with real places.

But I have not heard more on this recently. Not sure what is happening with Xtreamlab.

Is it time to go back even further, to the '80s? I still think about a development from the Failure Celebration, Laura Kikauka at Spacex. Disco was part of the failed public taste but I think there could have been a  related temp club, not a gallery of course just a design application. Rights to record a chat show could contribute to costs. The music era where nostalgia kicks in has moved on. Maybe Twinity Berlin is a location, it is where Laura is based. Maybe someone else could think about it. Princesshay could be open space in the summer. It is designed for ease of Second Life / Twinity replication, something about the computer models used by architects nowadays. So another mix possible of online and actual?