Recycling Kolb continued, new diagram could link to PDSA #Deming #mosocoop #cqimoso

This diagram is cut and paste from one linked to in the blog post from Steve Wheeler. See previous blog and tweet. I looked at some of the links and found the original diagram

The diagram is Creative Commons as is mine so please feel free to do another version.

I have rearranged it in this format to relate more easily to Plan Do Check / Study Act as familiar in quality circles. I think there could be more connections.

Steve Wheeler thinks that social media have changed the context for learning. How will this relate to learning in organisations? There has been theory about learning organisations but this is mostly from around ten years ago.

I am also reading Teaching As A Design Science by Diana Laurillard. This has some very detailed loops in a Conversational Framework. It is assumed that there is some knowledge in a discipline that is stable. So a quality system in an organisation is different. I will aim to come back to the book later. But the cut and paste diagram is a start on interpreting the blog post.