Recycling Kolb and Deming, earlier tweet expanded ‏@timbuckteeth

Earlier I sort of commented on tweet re blog about recycling Kolb. This is a bit of explanation but still too short. At least it may link with some previous stuff.

I would like to see more connections between learning theory and quality theory. They seem like different areas most of the time.

Deming has written about a cycle of Plan -Do - Study - Act as a quality approach ( he credits Shewart as source ) and this has been developed in Japan. Now it is included in ISO management standards.

But there is not much evidence of management actually using it well. In the UK there is quite a lot of complaint as if this is not the sort of thing on which managers expect to be audited. 

Steve Wheeler's blog may explain why this is. If different phases are happening at the same time for some people, or at different times on a social network, it is not as neat a model as supposed. Certainly not following a procedure that can be easily minuted with objective evidence.

This sort of discussion continues with the MoSO model see

Also a conference found through #mtw3 that starts with learning.

More later, sorry have to cook at this time..