"Repeat the Past" - Scott Gould ; eg High Tech U, CES

I still have a sort of double take on #likeminds. I realise something happens occasionally in Exeter for an intense few days. But most of the time #likeminds seems more online from somewhere else. Anyway it is still good to follow ideas in the Scott Gould blog for example.

Recent advice on what you need to blog includes number one video, and secondly offer a practical guide to something. Well, I still have a lot of video to edit so this will come later. Practical guides also will have to wait till I emerge from the Winterlude.

Number three is "Repeat the Past".

If you scroll through all the past posts you’ve written, you’ve got some real gold that is now buried and gone and you need to bring it back to the fore for both your new readers, and also to refresh the minds of your regulars.

Once a month, find an old post that was a big hit and re-communicate the truth with a new example. Remember that it’s only when you feel you’re making your point too much that people start to get it. You have to get re-iterating your ideas if people are to consider you to be the go-to person for that topic.

This is another version of time travel. I try to vary things a bit. Something changes. 

But maybe not much. Earlier today I was trying to find some report on the Hight Tech U panel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I thought I had found a blog post till I realised it is from last year.

Apparently ACU ( I think this is Abilene Christian University ) was the first site to distribute iPhones etc. and YouTube has an education site

Also there is a link to iStanford, news from 2009

The only recent link to High Tech U I can find is about Texas Instruments DLP 1080p 3D Projectors. They showed this off during a High Tech U panel.

This reads like pure science fiction. I cannot imagine UK education investing in this sort of thing anytime soon.