BETT previously on OhmyNews

OhmyNews no longer has an English language site that is updated. But the archive is maintained.

In 2009 it seemed that netbooks using Linux would have a future. Recent check on Exeter high street shows that Windows is back if it ever went away. 

But Moodle is still getting attention. Perhaps devices are now assumed and the BETT base fof open source will be around Moodle.

Previously Microsoft announced Grava , using Silverlight

Nothing much has happened though. Flash continues, with a chance on many mobile devices. Apple will not be at BETT so you have to keep thinking about outside Olympia.

OhmyNews still has a blog about citizen journalism. I may try to write something that would relate. So far I think the tech writing about BETT is incidental. I don't find many tech journalists who have looked at what will be discovered. But there is actually a comprehensive range of technology companies with UK support so comparisons are possible.