Repeat the Past : Something Happened

Another sign that social media have been recognised by mainstream media, but it come in a context with other views.

Today's Observer has some comment by Jon Naughton on Facebook in Tunisia

What is happening is that connectedness is becoming a relatively mundane part of people's lives. So when significant things happen – riots, strikes, elections, conflicts and social upheavals of all kinds – it's only to be expected that they will use the communication tools with which they are familiar. The message for dictators, elected politicians and newspaper editors alike is simple. This is the way things are: get used to it.

This seems fair enough. But there is also the Media page where Peter Preston is disappointed in the income so far from apps on tablets.  

My impression has been that digital publishing devices were under reported until the iPad, seen by print journalists as a chance to charge on the classic model for newspapers. This may not work out so they might consider the OhmyNews model of citizen journalism - more respect for the readers and an emphasis on editing and training. Preston mentions circulation declines of around ten percent, with or without a web paywall. This cannot go on for ever.

On the one hand, then, we all know what we're doing and where we're going. On the other hand, search me! I haven't a clue.

On another page

Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US

Another book from another expert. No wonder people are deserting newspapers and contribute less online to the sites that insult them.

It is still possible that Guardian Media  will include websites that work out. But print media could continue in classic mode till the circulation just stops making sense.

However, I shall treat the views of Jon Naughton as marking a significant date.