Print backs Online for Training

Jo's Helpline in Printweek is useful in itself and as a guide to industry opinion. This week the question is about distance courses. Local print colleges are few and far between now. The London College of Communication features Design and Media but where hard skills fit in is not obvious to everyone.

Jo suggests several online courses that would suit.

Next week Learning Technologies at Olympia will not offer many books. There will be some but probably more emphasis on video conferencing and soforth. I have left a comment on the Helpline page welcoming the way that print industry training can use whatever media are useful. Gradually the name change to London College of Communication is making sense.

Earlier there was a help request on which Kindle to buy. It was wrapped up in some talk about reluctance and the longstanding authority of the printed page, but the change was there to accepting that digital devices have a role. I added acomment asking if the Helpline could suggest software to allow comps to work on ebooks. No response so far.