Rougemont Global Broadcasting plans for three months and five years #RGBplan #EX1to4

This is a note as of this morning, there may be revisions in time for Monday.

Despite the rain the summer drift phase seems to have started. the next tech event is Cross Media Live in September. There are signs that the print world is ready for a detailed look at what is going on. Cambridge University Press is getting out of litho. Frank Romano is working on the production values for whattheythink  video.

So something may have been clear at drupa. But here in the UK not much will happen till after London returns to normal after the Olympics. Her in Devon the Sidmouth Folk Week will be another occasion for social media. The music stays mostly acoustic but the video has been cutting edge for a while now, at least social acceptance of a creative commons style. The audience has to do some searching and editing to find all the camera angles. The limitation is that local news channels can only put on YouTube what they actually broadcast. So if an ITV crew spend an afternoon in the Anchor Garden there will still be only three minutes that makes it to the public. Surely there could be legislation about this sort of thing.

I will be looking out for phone cameras in actual use. Please make a note when loading to YouTube. I am still happy with the Kodak Zi8 and uploading from a card within a few days or so.

The 5 year plan assumes there is broadband in the UK and phone cameras similar to the current iPad ( by the way I find HD at 720 is ok for YouTube, 1080 just takes longer to upload) . Then with search tags for localities ( for example #EX1to4 ) there can be any quantity of local news. This could also be virtual worlds. I don't know what is happening with ExitReality3D and Twinity or whether the street maps will come back. Continuity announcing in a 3D world is likely to be cheaper than a real studio.

Around the time of Cross Media Live there may be a face to face version of #mtw3 and also a Futures Conference at the London College of Communication. From an online point of view it won't matter much if the dates are months apart. Issues include how academic publishing includes video. Journals seem to have moved to digital without much disruption of anything else.

The three month plan is to visit Sidmouth and consider the credibility of the five year plan.