Guardian could go weekly before spilling beans on Talk

This is just a guess but I sometimes update my take on the Guardian.

I went to the dentist today and found a copy of the Daily Telegraph. There was a report on the Guardian finances.

Losses continue but there is no plan to go tabloid, but apparently every other possibility has been discussed. This may include going weekly as considered by Jeff Jarvis.

The Telegraph story includes a quote from Adam Freeman,  who apparently said the company was "on a mission" to stand alone as a digital-only publication and that it was moving towards an "open vision for journalism" where laypeople, who may not have any formal expertise, would be key to the media group's future.

So this looks like citizen journalism again. Maybe they will have another look at OhmyNews. But i think some honesty about Guardian Unlimited Talk would have to happen first. In case tou have just started on this blog, Talk was a board that lasted for years until being shut down without much publicity, probably the most successful cover up of recent times.

I think the move to a weekly is more likely to happen first.