Rougemont Global Broadcasting - trying "EX1to4" again

Previous post is about how the scope of the YouTube clips on the Rougemont Global Broadcasting channel could develop to include technology more issues in Exeter. Some local tags such as #EX1to4 could work to find more local content from various sources, Recently there has been a lot more video turning up. The Respect Festival this year has reached a new level. There is still lots of clips from previous years and more to come.

Try #EX1to4 a few times. I think it could work well. Not too long, but fairly precise as to where it is. 

I have also tried Magnify as a way to aggregate stuff.

Garden broadcasting is more local, Global more technology. that is the idea anyway, but the robots are not that reliable. i may do some more manual edits.

Also more in blogs to link various sources. This Posterous blog remains the one most likely to be updated. But I will return to other ones that have been dormant for a while.