situation report - YouTube and Collision Live / Phonic benefit #CL04May

I am trying things out with video this week. I am uploading to YouTube the files as saved on the Zi8. Previously I would edit so that the beginning and end was tighter and also add credits / adjust the lighting through contrast and brilliance. But this all takes time and there was so much stuff from the Forum opening that it made sense to just load it, especially the Hannah Berney performance. this needs to be this week really though of course it will still be relevant for many weeks to come.

At the Collision Live last night I had a cable from the sound desk. Yes, the Zi8 has got a socket for external mike. But alas no indication of sound levels so I'm sorry to say that because of a technical issue there is no sound on the True Blue at all. This will be put right on a future occasion. Also I will try out other sound sources and see if anything works with it.

The other three are good for sound but the distance and lighting are a challenge for the Zi8. I think there are other sources for video so  I am suggesting YouTube and Creative Commons as a way to do a rough edit. Something better might be possible later depending on what turns out to be available. When loading to YouTube if you select the Creative Commons option on rights then the remix button appears. With the online editor you get access to your own video and the Creative Commons stock on YouTube. I'm not sure how to retain the chosen sound track. Maybe you have to save it and add it on again. But you could certainly mix different camera angles of the same event.

this last one is with the YouTube editor for contrast and brilliance. not sure what else is possible or if this is better. hope the Sirens don't mind some experiments.

There could be a Phonic YouTube channel later. But meanwhile suggest #cl04may as a way to find anything from the evening.