Sunrise Sundown and a couple of questions for the demoscene

It came back to me that this is the third of September. I had almost forgotten but last year I tried to do something around this at the start of the Sundown demoparty. 

link to YouTube

Turns out that Sunrise follows Sundown, there is a demoscene in the UK but not in Devon this year. Luton Airport sounds a bit easier to find from most of Europe but Sundown may return apparently.

I still do blogs etc. and try to connect with Exeter animation. So far the stop frame world is not that joined up but there is still a possibility.

couple of questions I would raise in Budleigh

1. What to think about YouTube etc. making demoscene widely available? Is the original equipment crucial to the experience?

2. Is there more for mobiles, or just online? I think there was one html entry last year. Even HP is getting out of the desktop so some change is possible. Design for the browser or mobile screens?

Also I may do a photo mix with something new from Budleigh. So photos welcome from another time and space.