Testing Vimeo embed code , gallery jitters continued, Phoenix on Thursday.

<p>Topophobia: An overview from Spacex on Vimeo.</p>

Spacex have posted some video to Vimeo. Hope this shows it. If not seach Vimeo on Spacex the first two are about the current show.

I can't find the Review Group on the new site. I expect it will turn up eventually. My idea of a blog is to post stuff quite quickly in a form that could be revised. So I am just commenting here in a way that might change later.

I notice the style of video here is what I take to be fairly typical of what a gallery will allow. There is online video but posted by the gallery, not any sort of independent source. Including bloggers like myself, anyone with a camera. The public at the opening of this show were faced with a notice saying that they may be included in a video but could avoid this by asking to wear a special badge. My point of view is that I don't mind being in a video if I am allowed also to use a camera. So if there is a recipe exchange for example I would like to record the talk not just be photographed in the audience.

In this Vimeo video there is only one voice. The audience appear but they do not say anything.

What I remember most clearly is my question about whether there is anything good to be said about the internet. My impression still is that the web is seen as a place to avoid when compared to the aura of a gallery. There was some balance but I think fear of virtual spaces came up quite quickly as an approved topic.

Meanwhile I really like Sacriledge2012 and the photos etc that flow from it. Stonehenge is not curated by English Heritage, is not in a gallery, can be bounced on and there are no restrictions because of image rights etc. at least I have not found the limits yet. Search Twitter for more - #sacrilege2012  

I am looking forward to Thursday at the Phoenix, a mashup on Hanging Rock the movie. But when will fine art accept the same kind of freedoms?