Tests ok on social video in Wifi Exeter

These clips are not very good or very long, but they do show that fairly soon it will be possible to do interviews from central Exeter. Kodak have yet to sell the patents for cameras such as the Zi8 so I am still waiting to upgrade my phone. Taking a card home usually only delays an upload by a day or so.

But here from last week, Chris Norton uses his iPhone and uploads to YouTube within minutes

Then yesterday I met JD and tried out a new Nexus 7

overnight he looked up how to turn the camera by 90 degrees. the new software turned up as automatic download but then you have to enable it in settings. So then-

The Nexus is not designed with a front camera so this is bound to be wobbly. But the Wild Show can continue in the Phoenix cafe as well as on Phonic, 10 -12 Thursday morning. Chris plans to upload by phone from the South West Music Awards and I will try to record this on Zi8. 1 or 2 minute clips is not exactly live outside broadcast but we will keep testing, this is not far off.