End of print denial but what about Monday to Friday? #Rusbridger

The Guardian will continue in print. Official.

But there is no detail on the option of continuing in the UK with a Saturday magazine style and closing for the rest of the week. I think the Media and Education sections are getting to be borderline value. Buzzmachine compares quite well to a Monday.

My local newsagent no longer displays the Guardian well for most of the week, but things change on a Saturday.

According to the Digital Spy-

Its digital revenues increased to £45.7 million last year, but its overall operating losses rose to £31.1m.

Is it time for a rethink on citizen journalism? A different take on the readers? Full disclosure on what happened with Guardian Talk?

Recently Emily Bell wrote about Variety

The purchaser, just to spice things up, is not another long-established media organisation but a "blog company". 

My guess is that "citizen journalism" will stay in quote marks till the Guardian runs out of money and something else happens.