The Riddle of the Book in Exeter - #ROBE #likeminds

Coming soon is another #likeminds in Exeter.

There will be a session on publishing

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Panel: Is Every Company a Media Company?

meanwhile it has been announced that Exeter University proposes not to have a bookshop when the central campus is opened after a rebuild. See previous post

It might be very advanced not to have a bookshop. What will happen to Waterstones or WHSmith? Exeter now relies on UK chains, there is no independent bookshop. There are a lot of shops for phones and other mobile devices. There may be a research question in this

Q If you spend £275m to demolish a bookshop, what else do you get?
Q If you don't need a bookshop, why do you need a library?

Meanwhile the agenda is published for free seminars at Online Informationat the end of November

Social Media Marketing

ePublishing Solutions

Exeter can start the conversation early.