Twinity could connect to #likeminds clubs in New York and London

#likeminds this week so I am checking out more about them. They now have access to a base in London and New York through Club Quarters. I am still thinking about links between Twinity and real places. Not sure what the learning theory is but it makes sense to have a virtual world for people not at an actual event.

Twinity has not reached Exeter and are not expected any time soon. But dwellings do not have to be placed in the selected city.

40 West 45th Street
(Between Fifth andĀ 
Sixth Avenues)
New York, NY 10036

8 Northumberland Avenue
(adjacent to TrafalgarĀ 

Queen Street Exeter

By the way, some of 8 Northumberland Avenue is still for sale in Twinity so it could be designed for meetings.