Time travel with Cross Media Live and the LCC Futures conference #LCCFutures #CMShow13

I am still trying to make sense of the #LCCFutures event last week.

The video so quick on YouTube is striking. I try to get some video from most events I go to with my Kodak Zi8 but it can depend on the lighting. Then it may take a while to edit and render. It is rare in the UK for a university to arrange video recording or make it public. #LCCFutures was available as a stream and now more or less complete as archive the week after. The sound is an issue but this could be fixed next time around.

My memory of previous ones is that the staff try to balance the claims of the visiting speakers who may use slides from a trade show. Chris Linford often claims that all technology takes a long time to actually work, suggesting 40 years for electricity and petrol engines in cars. This time however he claimed that the 40 years may be about done for the internet and the personal computer. So there could be some sudden shifts but when is a bit vague.

I think the LCC conference was at Digital Solutions some time ago, certainly it was at Earl's Court. The shows were called Digital Print World and Total Print. I think. This will be checked in a later post.

Last week on Thursday after the Cross Media panel I thought about the possibility of timing the next #LCCFutures with #CMShow13 . If there is not enough space maybe involving Central St Martins in King's Cross. Then on Friday there was more about games design reminding me about Wednesday. So it may not matter about exact time and place so long as there are online connections.

My route to the Elephant and Castle was through Old Street tube station where I got lost twice. Day three I was ok. So they have become the same roundabout, you go down a subway and come up somewhere else.

The canal is an urban symbol for communication and now leisure. there is a route from King's Cross to the Design Centre. Then to the Olympic Park and the Thames. I guess there is a router to Excel. So there could be a game about finding King's Cross by next summer, then the pedestrian route when the canal is underground in time for #CMShow13, then the rest of it in time for IPEX. Along the way assess the requirements and available tech.

Meanwhile back in Exeter we could do some tests. Just needs locations and editing. There is a canal.

Some possible problems

The LCC discussion on Cross Media was more into games and less into print than I remember from Cross Media 12.

From the Topophobia show in Exeter I think people at Central St Martins could be uneasy about the web. But something in actual space would contribute anyway.

The dates for #CMShow13 next year are October 23rd and 24th, a Wednesday and Thursday. This year a Monday was difficult for some people. These dates might be ok for LCC schedules.

Even if time and space are spread out a bit there is still scope for conversation. I think some games theory would help Cross Media. And LCC needs help with sound recording.