Towards Maturity at Learning Technology #LT11UK links start here

Towards Maturity again have research findings for the Learning Technology event at Olympia.

Since BECTA was cancelled there was not that much at BETT on how to develop organisations or whatever you would like to call it. L&D, HR, hope QA could be in there somewhere, see previous posts.

Last year the survey results for Towards Maturity seemed to show that senior management had not fully realised the benefits of elearning, at least as guessed at by people working on projects. This may be changing.

Certainly the Learning Technology conversationt is more upfront about costs that some of the university findings on technology enhanced learning. 

I hope to get some video of the space that could overlap with BETT. I am sure holding both events together would make sense.

Today's Media Guardian blames teenagers for the collapse of print magazines. Why not ask them where the training budget should go?