Twinity, situation report #mtw3 exit reality 3d as seen on YouTube

Recent news about Twinity is that it hjas been bought by Exit Reality.

Not sure what changes there could be. I hope they bring back the streets. I still think the map info should be cheap if there are links to purchase of actual maps. A while ago I was so lost in virtual Berlin that I bought an actual street map. this was before the Google map showed up in a corner.

Exit Reality seem to be into 3D in most forms.They are on YouTube as ExitReality3D. Several examples going quite a way back. Search blinxx video from 2008 for example. The date is interesting. There have been various times that online virtual worlds have been promoted to a wider audience but it never seems to work that well. The bandwidth requirement is quite large, more than available in most of the UK as it actually exists. Maybe 2012 will be different, depending on what Exit Reality has in mind.

They also operate through 

This is about learning and education. 3D is just one aspect along with mobile and web. Retail is in there also. This sounds like a secure base to fund some entertainment.

Previously I was suggesting Twinity as a space for #mtw3 to include a virtual builing of the Work Foundation. St  Pauls has been an example of a building with both street view and inside to scale. I think the inside is still available. I don't know what the budget would be like and it may have to wait till there is some clarity on Twinity future. But discussion continues on how virtual worlds relate to real places. At #mamllnet there was the example of Terra Incognita in Second Life. Other options are available.

But I hope Twinity comes back and then extends. My original timeline assumed that London in Twinity would include Islington Green in time for the Olympics. The walking route along the canal is actually quite complex when the canal is underground. There is a way from King's Cross but only a 3D model can effectively explain this. Otherwise the route from Regent's Park to Victoria Park is not that complex. There may still be time to get this online in time for the Olympics but probably not in time for Bobby Womack in Victoria Park quite soon.