Twinity still a base for Visual Music, New Canvas, music video

I am still wondering about location as Animated Exeter gets close. Spacex talk last week suggests that sound is specific to location but this sort of thing makes less and less sense.

Meanwhile Twinity has dropped the street links between places. Apparently the map information was costing too much, But the homes still exist and I now have one in each city, London, Berlin, Singapore, Miami and New York. 3D worlds with avatars must be part of the animation future. I realise bandwidth is a problem by now social media works as text with links, there can be video or not. I still have stills from several streets so this can be collaged with avatars etc.

The "visual music" term is still interesting. In Exeter we started with a "New Canvas" which I guess refers to the earlier work that is accepted on art courses. The demoscene is still not known in conference circles as far as I can tell. Sundown may happen again quite near Exeter but not much connected to Animated Exeter. I thought most visual music was recent but it seems to include earlier work as well sometimes.

A quick search on Google finds a started set of links.

Vibeke Sorensen currently Professor and Chair of the School of Art, Design, and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where she is Founding Director of the Center for Asian Art and Design.

search on miami finds dance from Sweden

search on New York finds an events page now with New York coming up later

walk to Berlin from Munich?

London finds dorkbot
not sure about this tune

more later