txt continues, In Our Time txt tech stopped with Gutenberg #winterlude3

Still listening to Melvyn Bragg on txt etc.

I think the rest of the week is on science, religion and literature. So today may be the end of general tech.  It seems to have shifted from the process of writing to the wonders of the book itself. So my guess previously that Wordstar and after would get only a few minutes was way off.

Nothing on industrial paper making or the paperback. Maybe they will turn up as science.

Two and a half hours of radio, quite a long time.

I may try to find other bits of sound. So far most of the links on the BBC website are to Cambridge and the British Library. Radio is changing to include social media so there could be contributions from further away.

The process of writing changes with tech such as read / write web. Radio is moving more quickly even though the files need more bandwidth. Maybe the organisational structures are a larger issue.