user groups, Adobe segmentation, Nexus 7, Touch apps

Still trying out the Nexus 7. Seems to lose all power when recharging. Not sure why. OK now, suggest check that it is turned off not just resting.

I have a credit from Google Play so thought about buying some Touch apps from Adobe. Turns out none of them work with the Nexus 7. Search finds this response from Bob Levine on a Digital Publishing Suite Forum

This is a user to user forum and your question has nothing to do with DPS, I’m afraid.
FWIW, though, I’d love to have them, too.

Well, excuse me I thought the idea was to use tablets to show off ideas that were worked on later with chunkier stuff.

Meanwhile the prices look very reasonable if you happen to have an Apple device already. This must be a growth market.

When will there be an app to compare with the desktop price for Acrobat? Not sure where to ask this question.

Long ago there was a UK Acrobat User Forum where you could talk about anything. This had some advantages.