Wild Show, Design Science, the DJ, Management Theory at Work #mtw3

This post is to add to conversation during the Wild Show on Phonic FM. I am gradually doing more connected to the Management Theory at Work conference that continues online. This week I played again two clips from a podcast about copyright and creative industry. They are already on YouTube from a previous broadcast. But I don't think we have understood yet what is meant by copyright industies, creative industries, and especially the term "barbarian" which appears to include the UK and USA media style. We have considered the idea that radio presentation is barbarian but this week we established that Radio Luxembourg presenters were not pirates although they did innovate.

The clip on YouTube, starts with Will and JD then the extracts after about 12 minutes -

I realise some of the ideas could take up too much time for a music radio show. So there will be mention of this blog and the YouTube record.

I also have started to think that it may be too much to expect us to apply design science to our work as DJ as well as understanding design science enough to find clips about it. So far Chris seems to accept the idea that there is design ahead of a show but JD is not sure about the "science" aspect. He is probably right that skill is involved. I need to work on reducing the pauses before the music.