Ventosa Siamesis - Exeter on YouTube

Last week I exchanged tweets with the Exeter City Centre Manager.
There could be a case for more active policy around the presence of
Exeter on YouTube. So far as I know the offices of Exeter City Council
have no support for Flash on the browsers so this limits the awareness
of YouTube etc. arguably an issue in relation to the promotion of
cultural events. People I have spoken to recently think this actually
a reasonable policy what with the budget cuts and everything. There is
more to life than Flash, I am told. Maybe it matters not that there is
no official positive policy. YouTube is fairly well known and most
people could find it if they wanted to.

Anyway, over the weekend I was lucky enough to visit Exmouth beach and
see the wonderful Ventosa Siamesis, the latest stage in the evolution
of the beach beast. Not only was it quite ok to photograph and video
but Theo Jansen made it clear on the record that this is the case.
Keep scrolling down for the interview. (Another post soon on why the
clips are so short)

Next weekend the Ventosa Siamesis will be in Princesshay, Exeter.
There could be loads of video and photos. Sometime there could be an
edit. I have put some stills on Flickr.

These are clearly Creative Commons. YouTube has no obvious copyright
but I am happy to share video if someone will do an edit.

Social media types around Exeter ( #likeminds may be in Sweden or
somewhere, not sure, this is a strange time of year anyway) could
retweet the YouTube links or other suitable ones - Spacex, TED etc

There is enough stuff from last weekend to promote and extend next
weekend. That is Exeter on YouTube. Could be anywhere, so no real