Video from Work Foundation, social video in Exeter #mtw3 #EX1to4

This page about the MBA Alumni Network includes a well edited video. All the production standards are good as well, including the lighting. So subject to budget the Work Foundation is an ok location for video that includes presentations and casual conversation.

By the way, "subject to budget" is a frequent phrase for Jo Gedrych whenever I have tried to clarify the possibility of a video recording.  He is "directorJo" on YouTube and also JG Productions in Dunbar. A lot of the video on YouTube is also Exeter Television. I have tried to argue that production values may not matter so much for local reporting. Social video gradually puts more emphasis on speed of access and ease of commenting.

But probably the first few examples of social video from Exeter in the recent post are too difficult to cope with

However there are some genuine questions here. You can record video on a phone or tablet. But how to be steady if you have to tap the screen? How to get video file sizes small enough for a reasonable phone bill? And if playing back for radio how to stop these devides switching to another track? Continues on the Wild Show Phonic FM Thursday mornings. Some famous gaps made up of pure silence but the good bits will be edited for YouTube.

Chris has arranged some access to the South West Music Awards next week. Don't worry, there will be proper cameras as well and some bands have their own arrangements. But we will try out some casual shots. When we have a method the same approach might work at a conference.