When could Scribd help to fund UK publishing?

UK publishers have accepted that digital publishing is happening.  There is an Apple shop in Covent Garden and the attention seems to be on apps and multi media. But sites such as Scribd have had less reporting in the UK although they distribute large volumes of flat pages.

I still use Scribd for short documents but I would like to edit them together as collections and make a charge. If I was based in the USA this would be possible. It hardly seems fair that outside the USA we are  expected to continue loading everything for free.. Meanwhile Amazon is launching the Kindle in the UK from September. So gradually things get easier form a UK base.

Scribd would be a good option if it was possible. Has anyone in the UK worked out some way of  working this out? They may be open to a package or maybe there is a UK publisher with an office in the USA.

Comments please. . .