Wild 11 the archive is taking shape #winterlude3

The holidays continue but I had to concentrate when Chris asked me to fill in for the Thursday Wild Show. As it happened he turned up during the second hour and it should be normal next week. I did not rave on with my own opinions for ninety minutes or so but I did comment on two extracts from Click. This section is now on Soundcloud so could be found

Previously the Wild Show had a visit from Dan Jarvis MP and later Councillor Paul Bull commented on the advantages of Creative Commons for content from public figures. Copyright for music and radio continues to be discussed.

I hope this clip can continue on Soundcloud. Over the holiday I tried to use Soundcloud to get round the problem that Phonic presenters are away from Exeter or prefer to stay home or whatever the reason is that the music stays on autopilot. There ought to be some way for people anywhere to send in an hour or two of sound. How the management works out what is broadcast I don't know.

The collection from the Phonic Xmas Party and Stan Hacking loaded ok on Soundcloud. It is all live recording. But an Otis sequence was rejected. It started with a Jay Zee track edited to just half a minute or so. The language rapidly oversteps the OFCOM guidelines. But this was enough for a Def Jam objection. My guess is that most of the Otis catalogue is not that heavily protected as there is almost no stock in record shops. But once sampled by a current artist, things may change. Not sure about this. I just wanted to find a way to get options into the Phonic system. A playlist on YouTube is ok.

By the way two years ago we played a track from Aretha -  This Christmas and spoke about it then put the sound on YouTube with a very short extract from the track, mostly just saying it was available. An objection from Warner meant this could not load. I don't fully understand this as I think there is no UK distribution for This Christmas or A Woman Falling Out of Love but maybe Aretha's voice is recognised by the system and Warner has first choice on what to do next.

Anyway, season's greetings to Click and the BBC World Service. Hope this clip can stay available and that conversation continues in 2012.