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See previous posts for attempts at linking the Design!? conference to a radio show and how the two shows were "designed" before the event.

Story so far in summary, there was an email about free access to journal articles from Sage on the occasion of Design!? , a conference in Helsinki that closed recently.

Constant Connectivity: Rethinking Interruptions at Work 
By J. Wajcman and E. Rose

The Dialectical Sense of Humour: Routine Joking in a Taylorized Factory 
By M. Korczynski

So these were discussed during the first show by JD and me ( I covered two shows for Chris Norton on a short break ) by means of a question whether Chris is actually a manager, and my claim that I could not cope with email, phone calls etc. Then in show two we got an actual phone call from Chris announcing we had to be ready for an outside broadcast. So the second hour is not much like what I thought it would be.

Design is really interesting by the way. The London College of Printing keeps changing the name. Also the structure. Print and Publishing has gone, there is now Design and Media. Maybe these are just generic terms that could cover anything. I did once understand publishing and print as sort of stages in a workflow, but design and media are just an overlap with no distinction at all. Anyway I shall just mumble on about this. Someone has an answer.

Another bit worth copying-

In 2013, for the first time, the Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) will be held outside Europe! As a city historically based on different cultures, Montréal has long been considered a hub for people and merchandise flowing between North America and Europe. It is thus a perfect location to explore the theme of the 29th EGOS Colloquium: Bridging Continents, Cultures and Worldviews.

Also I found an interesting topic in the archive-

Has management studies lost its way? Very interesting, but I can't find any other info. Maybe there is a journal somewhere in an academic library with the answer or at least what was said. Working on a radio show offers me a very different take on copyright, distribution and publicity. Most tracks from Joss Stone Soul Sessions Volume 2 are on YouTube as live performance. Probably not all of them. Still worth buying the CD. But the contrast with academic writing is stark. If some of it is critique, who is the critique intended for? Another post later.

There is not much to be found on Twitter searching on Design!? so far I only found one blog, see previous post.

worth repeating

  on Serendipity

I found especially fruitful the discussion of whether serendipity can be routinized, which I think persuaded me that this is impossible. By contrast, I remain convinced that it can be facilitated by allowing or creating safe unmanaged spaces in our lives where unexpected things can happen. Of course, such spaces are all too often experienced as messy, dangerous and confusing, but as my old professor Paul Feyerabend liked to say "Without mess, no discovery". If serendipity favours the prepared mind, it also favours the soul that is willing to live with messy uncertainty. It favours the person who is not afraid to get lost from time to time, to make detours from his/her planned journeys and to waste time and other resources without regrets and shame.

If there is more, please add a comment. Gibson Burrell stories on quality projects would be interesting.

For the next few months I only have half an hour so will concentrate on music. Starts with pop / soul , then folk, then dance/electronics through August Sidmouth folk week and Joss Stone in Exeter around September. Aims include pushing the scope of folk to include more pop and taking JD back beyond the '80s ( several old soul tracks )  . Of course Chris is back so the show may return to normal.