Wild Show ok, YouTube links for speech play it again #phonic_fm @phonic_fm

Yesterday I loaded some clips to YouTube from the Wild Show on Thursday. This seems to be working ok and marks a new phase in my broadcasting. That is, FM radio really is broadcasting, even if quite local. I still mix this with Rougemont Global Broadcasting, the willpollard channel on YouTube. So I mention some of the video clips on air and also have posted several based on sound from the Phonic archive machine.

I don't understand how the costs would work out for a "listen again" feature on the Phonic website but meanwhile several shows turn up in various places. I find that YouTube sometimes refuses to load content where the copyright is disputed. This is fair enough and often it just seems to mean that the adverts appear and the income is tagged to the record company. For example the ISCA Wheelchair Dancers so far get nothing from promoting Press The Button by the Sugarbabes.

So my current idea is to put clips of speech and then link to music, it often started out on YouTube anyway. 

HMV is a continuing topic and shows the state of how the web effects music in Exeter. we are just chatting but there are some visits to actual Princesshay.

The Any High Street event still has several weeks to go. In theory there could be a lot of sound from the RAMM to the Phonic studio. With Ghostwriter we got permission to use a clip just as the Spacex Blast Theory was closing. So things get better. I still think that "Any City Centre" would be more representative of what is there. The court and the cells are not usually obvious to a casual visitor. Also I think a university or similar could be included. There are civic universities even if Exeter has one on a campus a few miles away with a distinct retail experience. The Phoenix building was oncer academic so this can still be explored.

There was an actual interruption ( see below for more on design ) when Chris phoned in to say he had an interview lined up. So we have coped with a pre-recorded interview and a live phone call. Previously I phoned in to JD in the studio from the Winter Games so more on this in another post. We also have a clip on the Tramper and Chris in the area around the canal but this will be revisited when the sunshine arrives, sometime later.

We continue to comment on why the World Service plays such short bits of music. By the way, Jonathan Friedland in the Guardian this morning explains that the World Service will be paid for by the licence fee from 2014. He also claims there is "comic improbability" in affection for Dave Lee Travis. More in another post later on why some people like radio to include music.

The Celebration of Failure was about public taste I think. It included a chance to play records and also bring your own. So I have explored that on several occasions since. Last week JD brought in some '80s electronics and this week a selection of '70s "naffness". So we may have simplified this a bit, but it works on radio. In the world of JD, everything before the '80s was naff and probably everything since is essentailly a remix.

Second version for copyright reasons in some countries

Chris will be back next week but I will start the show for the first half hour or so. More on design later today, this took longer than I thought.