Will Adobe be at BETT 2012 this January? Apple left Olympia some time ago.

Can't find Adobe on the floor plan for BETT. Maybe if the new emphasis is on tablets then a face to face occasion is not required. They have real meetings in Calfornia and New York though.

If there is no need to educate future users of Creative Suite then maybe the prices will drop soon. Online functionality that anyone can use sounds as if it ought to be cheap. And the older technology that no longer needs to be promoted should be even cheaper.

Apple stopped attending UK shows a few years ago. There has been comment about how Final Cut Pro is now more of a consumer level product with some features missing from the previous desktop style. If everything is supposed to be an App for a few pounds then the expense of Olympia could be hard to justify.

Maybe I just missed the info. If you know where Adobe is at BETT 2012 please add a comment.