Zone of Proximal Adjustment - King's Cross to ExCel / BETT to IPEX #oldsmooc

I previously thought that the Zone of Proximal Development in terms of time would be next year between the second Cross Media event and the preparation for IPEX. But things may be moving more quickly. Some sort of adjustment from print media to the web is happening though the shape is not that clear. Now both Xerox and HP have decided not to attend IPEX there is a weaker offer on digital print. I personally think the HMV decision not to pay out on record gift vouchers raises a question about book tokens and book selling in the high street. So thinking about ideas around IPEX could start now.


At the end of the month there is the Learning Technology Show and BETT, now expanded to include HE and adult learning. ( There may be an overland rail route between them ) BETT is on a similar scale to IPEX and at the same location. Probably not with the proportion of tablets suggested by the Xmas wish list. But a reasonable clue on future expectations for communication supply.

The location for the zone is between King's Cross and Excel. The map is lost from the previous post. I have found the route towards the Olympic site but I don't know how this has changed recently to head south.

Meanwhile I am still thinking about Week Two of the OLDS MOOC. I have made a start on a scenario and a force field. Also added my own suggestions on Soft Systems Methodology, Action Learning and Deming. I also want to look at an Ecology of Resources so have found a section on scaffolding and adjustment

My first issue is with a previous step

1.6 Identify Potential More Able Partners (MAPs)

This shows a problem in thinking about learning in practice as if it was the same as learning on a course. There are no "More Able Partners". Nobody knows, as they say on Qi . Maybe the people who attended the first Cross Media event have a better idea than most.

I will come back to this later in Feb.