King's Cross , Islington as locality #crossmedia2013 Guardian, @UniArtsLondon

Thinking about next week I realise that real space is not just an exhibition site. There is space around the area. Living in Exeter I have some sense of how the city fits together. You can walk across most of the middle bit in half an hour or so.  

Mentioned previously on this blog or linked from other ones is the idea of following the canal from King's Cross to the Olympic site and then the river Lea to ExCel. In theory this connects Cross Media and IPEX in space ( the time is only a few months, not much in the history of publishing ) but I now realise it is too great a distance for one visit. Also the last bit of the river Lea has not been much cared for. Open House revealed a walk through back streets that sort of works but anyway this is going off topic.

There is a tunnel under Islington Green so the walk from King's Cross can be followed. From the Guardian building, King's Place , the canal continues east and there is a footpath going up in the same direction. You should find Islington Green ok. 

Much going on at King's Cross that relates to Cross Media. The Guardian has put "digital first" and this may mean less print. I think the Education and Media pages are getting closer to the point where they may not continue. Will print just be for Saturday? The British Library practice content marketing to promote their publishing. A blog about "mapping paradise" has enough graphics to tempt anyone.

I don't know when the LCC Futures conference is this year but it probably overlaps with Crossmedia. In a conversation around tweets it may not matter much which month it is. The University of the Arts London has a site in King's Cross so people there could visit the event and/or discuss any web content in suitable rooms.   

So I hope to have time to explore a bit. Futurelearn has a real existence but Camden is the wrong direction.  

I still have no mental map of where ExCel is, but IPEX online is taking shape.