Cross Media update #1 - Adobe

I am going through the carrier bag full of print from Cross Media. I managed to do three tweets from London so now catching up from the desktop in Exeter. Apparently you should do about four tweets a day and it matters not a lot if you repeat yourself at different times of day. So I will try roughly the same thing but with more info each time probably.

So far no reply from @martysneo on where to find downloads about Adobe on analytics etc. There is a video featuring  but it is very quick. I really don't mind a long white paper sort of thing, not just a mention in a social media mix. Maybe this is just me.

Also there could have been more about Creative Cloud. Some technical information on how the transition away from Flash is going. If that is what it is. Last year there was a full day of training and Q&A . Maybe it is now a product in decline so no promotion budget, like Postscript. 

A blog is a way to ask questions.