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Cindy ( Folk Mix )


I have been trying to promote the 2012 version of Sparkle. we played the soundtrack on the Wild Show during last year. The soundtrack CD was in Exeter HMV at the time of the USA movie release but then vanished. UK movie release was limited, maybe in Bristol for a week, nothing in Exeter. I have now seen the DVD and persuaded someone else to watch it so I understand the reputation as being stereotyped or “cheesy”. However I still think the music is great and the plot sort of works. Also I found the original on DVD in HMV. It was quite cheap but I think they have gone. The Campus Cinema at Exeter University might have shown it but it failed to fit in the promoted schedule. I have also found a Kurt Vonnegut talk about the plot structure of Cinderella and recognise where Sparkle is coming from. Especially the second one. Cheesy or not the plot is consistent and the placing of music fits the structure. I think students might accept it as an example of something even if they did not like it as a movie. So I proposed three or four lunchtime selections for educational purposes, including the Kurt Vonnegut talk. This might generate enough interest  for a ticketed screening. The Black Box at the Phoenix could be a venue but they need a letter of permission from the distributor. I have left a phone message with Sony Europe but I don’t think they are that interested. No reply so far.

So my next idea is to do another script for a folk version. This might get more interest here in the South West of England. Also there are some locations so there could be some test sections on a limited budget.

The approach will be very open, Creative Commons for the script. But there may be a copyrighted version later. So this may get messy if I borrow your ideas. To be perfectly clear the sequel - The Seven Year Contract - could well be just done as a tightly copyrighted operation starting with a novel. You have been warned.


Notes so far

Opening sequence during Sidmouth Folk Week. Three sisters in a folk group camping somewhere nearby. Parents staying at the Bedford Hotel where they meet the sisters in the bar. It becomes clear the parents know several people in traditional folk and do not approve of electric guitars or drums. Mother insists on this the most, father seems a bit more relaxed. The sisters say they are going to the Anchor but actually head for Dukes where the music is on the fringe for Sidmouth.

The sisters are Patti, lead singer very concerned with getting more gigs ; Dionne, has done some session work and demos , interested in studios ; Cindy , not too sure about what to do but taking things in.

They come back to Dukes the next day for an open mic and meet a Manager type from Bristol. He claims to be able to get them gigs if they add some drums etc.

Over the next few weeks several gigs in Devon with new songs. Patti becomes even more ambitious. Dionne has an argument with two songwriters from Cornwall. They ask her to demo songs she thinks are based on her own experience and words. But they won’t include her with a credit. Cindy tries to find out more about recording technology.

The parents continue to attend folk clubs and invite the sisters along. Some songs are featured in a traditional manner. Mother turns out to be the better singer.

The Manager arranges a sequence of gigs in Bristol that are a big success. But parents object to the style. They also object to the contract that the Manager suggests. The mother is very sure it should not be signed as she has seen other contracts before.

actual dialogue , more to follow

Father  : Don’t worry about it. This is only for seven years.

After much discussion only Patti is prepared to sign the contract. Dionne decides to take a law degree and then sue the songwriters. Cindy has decided she needs to know more about music technology. She has the wrong A levels to get on a course so has to go back to college. Downbeat ending.


Names can be changed, so can the plot.