Mark Coles beyond academic publishing

The third part of Mark Coles on digital media has now started to play on World Service radio. Download also available. It is now clear there is one each for radio, newspapers and television. Then next week a roundup. So not much on magazines or books.  

The bandwidth for TV content to come through the Web is considerable so there can be no technical problem in distributing books, look at the size of PDF files for example. So the barriers are somewhere else. Journals are now mostly digital but you need a user ID etc from the university. Actually much more complicated than walking in to a print reading room. 

So for the connections between [management learning, quality systems, learning organisations, whatever elearning is currently called] I am looking at online and B2B magazines. There may be an academic way to express this later but it is getting less obvious how to do this. 

Sorry, going off topic, back to Mark Coles. 

I don't think he is quite fair about existing YouTube content. I have done a lot of this in the UK and it is not all about cats. We don't have to go to a studio in LA to move up a level. There is still scope using the sunlight soon to be available in the UK and consumer electronics. 

Meanwhile Repost as tried out on the IPEX 2002 blog is working ok. I like the idea that blogs can mix and match. Soon radio will be similar.  TV may take longer. Academic publishing a bit of a mystery. It may stay exactly the same for ages. Or some of the discussion from social media will creep in round the edges.