#mooc , #FutureLearn as local in Exeter, Lancaster, King's Cross

Sometimes this blog is local, sometimes more general. I am thinking about how to do more about this, somehow the summer has slowed me down in terms of movement. but I am going to Lancaster next month and maybe to London at some time after. So I am planning a look at FutureLearn and the idea of a MOOC as it works out in Exeter and Lancaster. Both have been announced as part of FutureLearn but no sign yet in Exeter of any changes. 

The British Library is also part of Futurelearn so King's Cross is another locality to look at. There may be more change in Yorkshire where I think the most storage is based. 

Looking at blogs it appears there is already some concern about how open the FutureLearn approach will be. Lorna has had a good look at the terms and conditions.  I think we should wait and see what the full effect turns out to be. There may be more open links than on the official site. If it is all free then people can find it even if not reused somewhere else. The MOOC is interesting as an idea that is taken as real by people in universities. There can be variations around it. I am still thinking about Creative Commons in relation to public relations and promotion. I'm sure the "drop-out rate" is accepted as some of the intention is just to build awareness of what is available. People build their own course from various elements.

I have found some sites online ahead of my actual visit.  Lancaster University Open Learning has some content but I think you may need a token to get to some of it.  Open Exeter has a page on JISC but the link to the project is broken. search finds this blog but the project seems to have just ended. I will definitely check the library soon and find out what happens next. The British Library shows up quickly through OER Resources with some poetry readings. I don't think they welcome remix but it is easy enough to link to.