#mooc, local Exeter and Lancaster continued

See previous post for a start on how the MOOC will influence local space as normal life. 

Next week I will be near Lancaster so this is a chance to compare with Exeter ahead of the new term. Both universities will contribute to Futurelearn but I'm not sure how. The MOOC idea is an aspect of the web that has got some official attention. There is a lot else happening. I still think the consequences could include more study from home and/or a return to civic universities, more in the middle of cities and less need for a campus further out of town. In Exeter this could be seen in empty student accommodation, not sure when. There is a lot of new building going on. 

The Blackwells on Exeter campus may get a room at the start of the new season. The retail choices seem to be design driven. A bookshop would still be viable as a permanent location. But in Lancaster the HMV has closed and may become a Morrisons. The Exeter HMV is still open and has some new stock. So Lancaster has moved towards cloud based music but still has a university bookshop. Exeter may have too many blips for a clear picture. I would think hard about buying an HMV gift token next Xmas. But a university bookshop might return in a low profile sort of way.  

The MOOC may be part of informal cafe study wherever there is wifi. I like the cafe at the Innovation Centre in Exeter. They will tell you the password at the main desk. In Lancaster I think you need an ID from the library in every cafe on the site. Not quite the same experience. But there is nothing in Exeter like the wifi bus. 

In Exeter I am able to use the Phonic FM studio on Thursday mornings as part of the Wild Show. There is often content that works as video so it fits with Rougemont Global Broadcasting.  We have yet to contact the university student union but we know there is a video unit and a radio. So reasonable sound quality must be possible. In Lancaster there is a Lancaster University TV with a studio, part of the Confucius Centre building. I think it is mostly to support video as part of study but maybe it can be used for general recording. Also of course phone cameras are getting better. External microphone can add something.