Business Schools at Learning Technologies

I am still working through the content collected at Learning Technologies and BETT. Previously I wrote about the question from John Burgoyne about whether business schools consult with the newer style web companies. He states quite clearly in the latest version of a Managers Guide to Self development that he thinks such things do not happen. What I noticed at LEarning Technologies was that two business schools were there. Cranfield concentrated on executive development. Virtual Ashridge seemed to have a wider scope and a platform that could be used by client organisations.

I don't know if they consult more widely but I got the impression that web companies would feel quite comfortable about how they approached their situation. At some point they must have gone through some process that allowed them to offer the new services online.

Coaching was also available from the Institute of Continuing Education at Cambridge. There is an online version but it won't count towards a credit on the main course. Not really massive or open. The charge is in the low hundreds of pounds and there are just over twenty places. So the model of tutor support can continue. The "MOOC" is taking many forms but it is continuing to gain ground.

Also Wiley had a bookshop promoting The Leadership Challenge. John Burgoyne thinks that leadership may be coming to an end as an academic topic, but there is no sign of a lack of interest from publishers for management. There is even a workshop coming up in March to support the books, just over a thousand pounds for two days.

I can understand why Neil Selwyn and others are concerned about the commercial direction of some aspects of e-learning. ( see links from previous post ) . But I'm now getting ready for IPEX and trying to link a print trade show to shows about learning. There is enough dynamic now to establish some practice around digital technology. Some of it is not related much to universities but this is partly because they don't  yet use it as much as they might.

Not sure how to put this. I still can't find anything about the HE Tech thread at BETT. Maybe there will be a journal article within the next 18 months or so. Usually if the European Commission fund research it will be published eventually. But so far this is not convincing as an approach to social media.