YouTube and copyright, new survey

Yesterday I was asked to fill in a survey when I uploaded a video with a Martha Reeves and Vendellas track. I think they are working towards some new alternatives so that whoever uploads can choose to either pay for copyright music or to share advertising with the copyright owner. so far I have avoided advertising though this may have to change if there is to be a budget for video production. I always recognise the claims so I think the advertising income is paid to the music publishers.

I have yet to get a direct message back from Youtube so here is my comment again

This video is a promo for Martha Reeves tour. Maybe Motown UMG should pay me. Only kidding. Previously I got into trouble with a cover of Prince song I Wanna Be Your Lover by Mama Stones House Band. It was ok for several months, then I got a heavy email and was restricted for length and Creative Commons option. I am a Prince fan too by the way. So my top request is for clear guidance when loading. Not a dispute much later. And please explain to Controversy Publishing how covers might be allowed and still help the catalog.

Just to repeat, I want some definite guidance at the time I upload. 

Also, cover versions should be allowed I think. Not sure how YouTube could work with this. I realise any pub or street performance could be illegal but i think it is rare to get an actual objection.