Apps on the edge for Analogue to Digital sound in #Exeter

Just a note about Analogue to Digital in Exeter yesterday. I am getting ready for IPEX in London so will have to come back to this week later and expand on some detail. I missed A2D last year so can't follow a trend as such, but I noticed that Yamaha did not show the Tonori-on . In conversation I discovered that it may be the app was too much of a success. The hardware cost about £800 so even a relatively expensive app was attractive for people who already had an iPad. So the hardware is no longer promoted at an event such as A2D.

My guess is that there are more examples of mobile devices round the edge of the studio.

IPEX will be even more in need of a hold on the context. Not only what is not being shown but also the companies not there.

But maybe not many posts on this blog till the end of the week. Some tweets as @will789gb