Design loops, brief notes on meetings

The next few days there will be some sort of meetings around radio shows on Phonic FM. Last week we talked a bit about the workshop tomorrow on Customer Focus at the CQI. Also about Design Science and a loop such as plan-do-study-act. This is a bit marginal for a music show but some version of it turns up, the audience has to put up with the making of the show being not far below the surface.

There are now two shows, @wenotno on a Tuesday starts at 12 so the coffee is before it. On Thursday the Wild Show starts at ten so the coffee is after. There is some sort of plan / evaluation but maybe not till the week after or sometime.

Although JD tells me he thinks being a DJ is more like art than science and he works out the design as he performs it, he has suggested we change the format on Thursday so his section is in the middle and we can evaluate it closer to the time. He is getting ready for a disco so varies it only slightly to work as daytime radio.

We are also thinking about customer focus as design, @wenotno has a lot of growth scope, currently four followers. I need to rethink what Rougemont Global Broadcasting is about. Maybe it is time for a YouTube Channel or two, something to reach another level.