Leuphana Commons, back in group, recap on so far

I have had a message that I can go back to the Creative Commons group but I don't think this has actually happened yet. Deadline is tomorrow and i am busy all day including trip to London. so I am going to post this and also put it on the Leuphana site where I can.

The suggested texts to study -

Beckenkamp, M. (2012). Institutions and Trust in Commons: Dealing with Social Dilemmas. In: Bollier, D., Helfrich, S. (Eds.). The Wealth of the Commons. A World Beyond Market & State. Amherst: Levellers Press.

Gaertner, S.L. & Dovidio, J.F. (2012) Common Ingroup Identity Model. In: Christie, D.J. (Ed.). The Encyclopedia of Peace Psychlogy. Blackwell Publishing.

Paragraph on Social Motivation (pp. 503-505) in:
Gelfand, M. J., Fulmer, C. A., & Severance, L. (2010). The psychology of negotiation and mediation. In: S. Zedeck (Ed.). Handbook of industrial and organizational psychology. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, pp. 495-554.

Kramer, R.M. & Carnevale, J. (2001). Trust and intergroup negotiation. In: R. Brown & Gaertner, S. (Eds.). Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergroup Processes. Blackwell Publishing, pp 431-450.


I have looked at these. They put the Commons discussion into a negotiations context. Seems to be mostly social psychology. See also the video in previous post that explores how a market approach takes over lots of situations. See previous videos on enclosure of the commons.

So all this is very relevant to how Creative Commons works on YouTube or not. When it started out there was a lot on YouTube with low production standards. Much was loaded by fans, not as piracy but promotion or sharing. at least it seemed that way. Over time arrangements have been reached between YouTube and the major labels. Details are a bit unknown and may change. My own experience has been mostly with local bands around Exeter. Cover versions are assumed ok except Prince. 

My specific interest is in why the Creative Commons option is not better known or widely chosen. It may be because of the advertising pressure that defines an alternative culture. Is it just the technology understanding required that stops people doing a Remix? If two or more videos are Creative Commons then the Remix button will allow an edit.

Putting this into the questions-

What conditions would be necessary for you to cooperate in the creation and maintenance of this particular Commons project? 

Need for some actual examples of Remix button working sometime soon. Else the advert culture will get too strong and the Creative Commons aspect will get obscured

Under which conditions would you not be willing to cooperate? Are there any conditions under which you would have acted in an egoistic way, using Commons for selfish reasons?

Another set of related ideas is around Content Marketing or Native Advertising. This can be quite ambiguous and can get out of hand. I might do this myself to some extent but try to be clear and to offer reasonable value. I have done some papers on Scribd that are free but will charge for later versions once some ideas are clarified.

In your opinion, how important is communication between the actors participating in the your project? Do you think that communication can help to create and maintain Commons? 

Communication is very important, especially guidance on what extent of copyright protection and /or promotion / sampler rights is expected. Some local performers are happy with creative commons on their own composition and performance. YouTube usually lets you know by refusing an upload or allocating it to some other rights holder. When things change it is very puzzling. a cover of I Wanna Be Your Lover by the Mama Stones House Band was ok for several months before Controversy Publishing objected.

How can communication help actors to solve their conflicting interests and how can you foster trust between the actors?

In the situation I am concerned with we are dealing with Massive USA Brands (MUB) . The MUB is not going to communicate anything on a one to one basis. We can only hope for some clear examples.

more later, see also Hello Spiders blog for other posts.