Leuphana on Commons Resources, as in radio / YouTube

There is a new task on the Leuphana course, to identify the resources in a situation. Roughly two weeks including a comparison with another one. My team is a bit improved with one other person definitely interested in Creative Commons and YouTube. But I am still mostly relying on conversations with people I work with on Phonic FM, two shows a week with some overlap to my YouTube channel. ( see previous posts ) By the way, explaining things on air is a great way to simplify down to basics. We have stopped trying to explain the MOOC ( some USA courses are now not massive or open, just as expensive as anywhere else and competitive to get on ) and are mostly looking at the Leuphana content as part of social media in general.

Here is a link to the YouTube intro. It is Creative Commons so there is a Remix button, nut not public. So I'm not sure about listing the others. will depend on feedback. I don't expect many people I don't know will find this blog post.

An essay by Silke Helfrich. This website has lots of other material also.

The situation that concerns me is the use of Creative Commons legal standards on YouTube ( could relate to other web sites also) . The characteristic of resources not yet mentioned is that some can be replaced by other resources with varying loss of quality in the output. So a sound recording in a studio with expensive equipment will be excellent, a recording on a phone in a cafe might be harder to listen to although an interview may be more relaxed. The basic resource is the knowledge or info of the source.

 I'm going back in time to look at previous situations, starting with last week. There was a workshop on Customer Focus from the Deming SIG at the CQI. I have some video which looks ok but the sound is not  perfect. I took a tripod but it would have been better with a radio mike or some other sound resources. There was a promo video that continues so over time the content will become better known at some levels ( still not the same as attending an actual day )

There are various ways in which shared use of resources might improve on how this worked out. A better production might have had more display on associated websites. A conference venue might have a stock of audio visual equipment. Cloud resources may exist to create better videos as an edit from video conferences.  for example this clip from a Google Hangout

n this case the resource required is not that expensive given that Penny has a webcam anyway. We may find that Alan Clark has to revoice what he said last week before we get a video edit that many people will watch. Not sure how this will work out but the Leuphana tasks are helping to keep it moving.