More on Creative Commons, Leuphana

This post is mostly about background, links to working with YouTube and ReMix on previous courses. The OLDS-MOOC was the first time I tried to explain the way video could be remixed. i tried to offer a course on having several cameras at a music event. Apart from discovering that there is already a service to do this in the cloud i have not got very far in Exeter. Sometimes there is more than one camera at an event, but we don't do much editing.

However, it was remembered what I was interested in and later I was asked to take a clip out from a hangout that had been part of the course.

The editor on YouTube works ok for this sort of thing but it is rarely used. In the talks there is a good point about "commoning" as an activity. I may do some more edits, combinations perhaps just to show what is possible.

Couple of things off topic. This statement about "design science" is very useful I think. I come across the words but rarely with an explanation of how it works in practice.

Also I think that "content marketing" is an idea worth looking at as well as the commons. If there is a comparison with how common land is taken over the it may be to do with how advertising organisations have moved in on social media. There is a cross over and obviously YouTube is set up not to lose money. But the theory around "content marketing" is worth a look just to be clear. Also this year there seems to be a lot about "native advertising" , even in print. This seems to be much harder to take as a genuine theory, it results in many viewers giving up on  a site or losing confidence in the source.