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Follows on from previous posts. Found this online which helps to explain background to the Observer writing from John Naughton suggesting disruption is now just something to move along from.

In Lepore’s view, Christensen invites criticism when, in The Innovative University, written with Henry J. Eyring, he subjects higher education (in this case, Harvard) to what Lepore calls “a wildly misguided attempt to apply standards of instruction in the 21st century to standards of instruction in the 17th.” But Robertson counters that “it’s just silly to say disruption is not going to happen to education. It sounds like something people said in the 1990s just before they went out of business.”


This is like Peter Scott in the Guardian announcing he will write nothing about the MOOC. Not that some other name will come along. The campus is not going to vanish soon.


Just repeating, what was Mode 2 about? Looking at the two books there is now a long gap in publication. Is there so much stuff outside Mode 1, best to just ignore?